About Us

Welcome to Sugarmill Elementary School. 


2007 platinum award As one of the newest elementary schools in the Camden County School System, our school has an enrollment of approximately 600 pupils in grades K through 5. The Camden County school district is one of the fastest growing school systems in the United States because we are the home of Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base, the east coast base for the Trident nuclear Submarine fleet. Since the naval base was begun in 1978, Camden County schools have expanded from 3 elementary schools and 1 high school, to 9 elementary schools, 2 new middle schools, and a new high school.

Our area attracts more and more newcomers because we have the beaches of the Atlantic and access to Cumberland Island, one of Georgia's favorite natural resources. We have three beautiful golf courses, marshland and riverfront properties, and proximity to Jacksonville, Fl., Brunswick, Ga., and Savannah, Ga. for shopping and "city amenities".

Our school utilizes many forms of technology to assist the students in learning. All of our computers have access to the Internet. All of our regular education classes and special needs classes have a SmartBoard and projection system for effective interactive learning. Our 1st grade - 5th grade classes boast a 1:1 ration between students and Chromebooks, with each student being able to use a Chromebook throughout the day to help with instruction. We also have a Technology lab where teachers can take their classes to learn basic technology skills and use technology to enhance their reading, math and writing skills. 

We have a Fifth Grade 4-H Club and our students are very active in CPA and DPA 4-H competitions for our area of the state. The school also has an effective C.H.A.M.P.S.  Program.