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Welcome to the SES Media Center

Hours: 8:30 am - 3:00 pm

Media Center

Come on in! You are always welcome at the Media Center. Lauren Smith, the media specialist, and Mrs. Gamble, the media clerk, will be happy to help you find a good book, locate a piece of information you need, help you with a technology question or get you started on an Accelerated Reader test. Our mission is to foster a love of reading among our students. Please contact Mrs. Smith if you would like to discuss ways to help your child on their path to becoming a lifelong reader. Mrs. Smith works closely with students to select engaging books that are within their appropriate Lexile reading range. Our goal is to help all students become stronger readers.
Feel free to email Ms. Smith with questions, concerns or feedback at [email protected].

Parents are invited to visit our Parent Corner , located in the PTO room,  and to sign up for their own library card so that they can check out materials.
Volunteers are always welcome to help keep books shelved and to help with our many other activities in the media program. The media center is the hub of learning at our school and there is always something interesting going on there. So come on by and visit with us!

Sugarmill's Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC). Look up in our collection by title, author and subject. Did you know that you can search our catalog for books that match your child's Lexile range? For information on how to use this powerful tool, click here.

Students are allowed to have two books checked out at a time. At SES, we do NOT charge late fees. However, once a book is overdue for 30 days or more, the item will be marked lost and parents will be charged for the replacement value of the item. Student records will be cleared of all charges once materials are returned in good condition or the fines are paid. Per Camden County Schools policy, students with fines on their records may not check out materials from the media center


GALILEO is a FREE online resource provided to public schools by the state of Georgia. Students can access GALILEO from the CCS homepage by looking under the STUDENT dropdown menu.

GALILEO provides a plethora of high quality materials including access to Encyclopedia Britannica, full text magazine and newspaper articles, and ebooks. There is an elementary version that is perfect for our students.
For instructions on using GALILEO at home, click here.


Accelerated Reader is a reading incentive program used in 1st-5th grades at SES. After reading a book, students are encouraged to take a 5-10 question multiple choice test about the book. Students are able to earn points for passing the tests. Each quarter student point goals are set based on their individual reading ability. Students who achieve their goals are rewarded at the end of each quarter with events and /or treats.  Parents/guardians are able to log in and view their student’s AR records. To request the log in information for your student, please contact Ms. Smith. She will be glad to send it to you! Parents  are also encouraged to help their child select appropriate books by using AR Book Finder or Destiny.


Lexile is a measurement used by to gauge a student’s reading level. Books are also assigned a Lexile level. We use this measure when trying to select “just right” books for students. Books in the media center are labeled with Lexile levels. To learn more about Lexile, please visit:


The Extreme Readers club encourages 2nd through 5th grade students to select and read nonfiction titles. State-mandated tests consist of up to 80% informational text, so learning to be successful readers of informational text is imperative. And today’s nonfiction books are colorful and engaging!

In order to become a club member, students must read 10 nonfiction titles written at their individual reading level or higher. Books must be from science, biography, geography, folklore, the arts, and other subjects. Members will receive a t-shirt. Events will be held throughout the year for club members. Visit the media center for your bookmark and more information about becoming an Extreme Reader.


Students who reach their individual quarterly AR goals will be invited to attend a reward event. Goals are set by Ms. Smith each quarter and are based on students Lexile levels.


Each student, grades K-5, is provided the use of a Chromebook to use for academic purposes during the school day. Students are responsible for taking care of their Chromebooks and not intentionally damaging them. Chrome books are for instructional use only. Students not following the guidelines established by the school/teacher for correct use of this tool will result in the loss of Chromebook privileges (as stated by administration). Paper and pencil instruction will be the alternative tool for students.


Each student is given a Google account through Camden County Schools that is used to log into Chromebooks and for classwork. If you have any questions or issues with your student’s CCS Google account, please contact Ms. Smith for help.