Guidelines for Parents

Parents we encourage you to spend time reading with your child. It is important as a child reads that you engage them in discussing and reacting to what he is reading. Asking simple questions that help a child to focus on the main idea of the story, locate specific details about the characters and encourage a child to predict what will happen next in the story will help your child comprehend more of what he reads. After reading a book encourage your child to retell the story to you or give you a summary of what the story was about. Children who read daily with their parents are 50% more likely to become good readers than those who only occasionally or never read with their parents.

  1. Encourage your child to read for the fun of reading, to get information or to discover new things. Please stress that continued improvement in reading is more important than the number of points earned.
  2. Discuss your child's reading range with your child and his teacher.
  3. Encourage your child to read in his assignedLexile range. Use the AR Book Finder to help your child locate books in his zone.
  4. Help your child set personal reading goals and celebrate with him when he reaches a goal. Keep up with how your child is doing on meeting his goals by logging on to the Home Connect website and entering your child's login and password.
  5. Support the school in locating and making available to the students various incentives for the AR program.