Guidelines for the Student

Students will follow these guidelines in order to be eligible for prizes and recognition in the School AR Program.

  1. A student will be responsible for filling out completely his reading log for each book he wishes to test.
  2. A student must read books within his Lexile Range. His/her Lexile range is determined by the RI assessment which is given several times during the school year.
  3. A student will read non-chapter books three times (once alone, once with a student reading buddy and once with an adult) before attempting to take the test. Students reading chapter books should use some form of note taking to help them remember the particulars of the book by being able to review their notes before taking the test
  4. A student should not give his password to any other students.
  5. A student is to take his test independently unless instructed to do otherwise by his teacher.
  6. Students are to respect the privacy of others and their right to think without interruption by not crowding around a computer where a student is taking a test.