Schoolwide Read
SES extremely excited to host our fourth annual Schoolwide Read during the month of October & November every family in our school will receive a copy of the same book .The idea is to focus on building a community of readers. Families will commit to reading sections of the book together every night. It's a chance to unplug and reconnect over the shared experience of a terrific book.
Every member of our faculty and staff will also be reading the book. We will be hearing great conversations throughout the day about what is happening in the book. We can't wait to hear about the conversations that are happening in your home, too!
Why should you participate? It's going to be FUN! Also, this is a great opportunity for the adults in our school community (parents, staff and faculty) to MODEL what being a good reader to our students. So, stay tuned for more exciting news as we approach the unveiling of the title of our book!

Day One (10/17):

pp. 1 –8

Chapter 1

Day Two (10/18:)


Chapter 2

Day Three (10/19):

pp. 17 – 27

Chapter 3

Day Four (10/20):


Chapter 4

Day Five (10/21):

pp. 37-46

Chapter 5

Day Six (10/24):


Chapter 6

Day Seven (10/25):


Chapter 7

Day Eight (10/26):


Chapter 8

Day Nine (10/27):


Chapter 9

Day Ten (10/28):


Chapter 10

Day Eleven: (10/31):

pp. 104-115

Chapter 11

Day Twelve: (11/1)


Chapter 12

Day Thirteen: (11/2)


Chapter 13

Day Fourteen: (11/3)

pp. 136-145


Day Fifteen: (11/4)

pp. 146-158


Day Sixteen: (11/7)

pp. 159-173

Chapter 16 (Stop reading at break after "Now let's hope it works.")

Day Seventeen: (11/8)


Chapter16 (contd.) (Start reading at "Nothing much happened until noon the next day.") and Chapter Seventeen